Absolutely.  I'm well versed in MSC, ASC, RFM, BAP, and Fair Trade standards as well as FishWise, OceanWise, and WWF recommendations from MBAQ assessments. Reach out for more targeted help.
Yes I can.  I have experience successfully resurrecting inactive or failing FIPs, as well as beginning new ones.  Contact me to discuss the fisheries that need to meet your sustainability requirements. 
The right type of engagement goes a long way. Aside from coordinating social audits required by various customers, I have also represented companies and participated in international social/labor initiatives. Let's definitely connect if you're daunted by the current discourse.
I have worked countless hours with seafood companies' IT personnel to design, jerry-rig, or bridge software systems in order to have the correct sustainability attributes track out the door.  Reach out to relay your specific technical challenges.
Onsite: Alaska & US West Coast, US Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Canada, Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Maluka), Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina
Offsite: Vietnam, India, China, Russia, Peru, Turkey, Chile, Norway
Species:  tuna (all),  mahi, wahoo, swordfish/billfish, shark, farmed vannemei shrimp, wild white/brown/blue shrimp, wild red shrimp, whitefish/groundfish, salmon (all), opilio/king crabs (all commercial), farmed branzino, squid (loligo, market, arrow)
Contact me to assess the risk in your supply chain.
No. I am based in Seattle, Washington in the US, and am primarily interested in working remotely to meet your needs.
In a way...email algranofish@gmail.com to receive quarterly information on sourcing by the case.